Aerospace and Transportation Materials and Manufacturing (ATMM) Pillar

The Aerospace and Transportation Materials and Manufacturing (ATMM) pillar primarily conducts research in the following areas: additive manufacturing, automation and control for automotive applications, defect characterization of engineering materials via 3D X-ray imaging, multi-phase flow: applications and fundamentals, material joining/welding techniques, mathematical modelling (FEA/CFD) of manufacturing processes, multi-scale modelling of structure-processing-properties relationships, structural health monitoring of processes and structures, thermo-chemo-mechanical characterization of lightweight alloys and composite materials, and thermal management and cooling technologies for power electronics.

Combined bi-axial and shear testing of a woven composite (courtesy of Dr. Ababs Milani).

Creep-induced void nucleation in a ceramic composite (courtesy of Dr. Lukas Bichler).

Three-point bending testing of a sandwich beam (courtesy of Dr. Jasmin Jelovica).


Dr. Warren Poole
Department of Materials Engineering
Manufacturing Engineering Program
Vancouver Campus

Dr. Lukas Bichler
Associate Professor
School of Engineering
Okanagan Campus

Cluster News

Industry 4.0 School & Industry Night event in February

January 15, 2018

The Okanagan campus of the University of British Columbia hosts its 1st Industry 4.0 School & Industry Night on February 18 and 19, 2018.