To expedite the matchmaking process and initiate large-scale collaborative project activities between various research laboratories, the MMRI team is in the process of developing a searchable database of advanced materials testing equipment, measurement devices, forming machines and cutting tools that are accessible at both campuses of UBC, as well as at MMRI partner industries. Please visit back in the near future to take advantage of this database.

UBC Shared Labs


Shared Instrument Facility (SIF)


SIF in the Department of Chemistry is an interdisciplinary laboratory space featuring a number of state-of-the-art scientific instruments available for teaching and research.

UBC Okanagan Makerspace


The space functions as an open space to encourage design thinking, prototyping, and testing and will serve as a hub for innovation, cross-discipline collaboration and entrepreneurship for members of the UBC Okanagan campus.

Advanced Materials and Process Engineering Laboratory (AMPEL)


AMPEL is a vibrant place for research in Advanced Materials and Process Engineering, with cutting edge research that coalesces from the theoretical nanofibre physical properties to the production of advanced composites.

Fipke Laboratory for Trace Element Research (FiLTER)


FiLTER is a fee for service facility specializing in trace element analysis and electron microscope imaging.

Survive and Thrive Applied Research (STAR) Facilities


Survive and Thrive Applied Research (STAR) Initiative offers various technical services specifically in rapid prototyping and high-speed impact testing.

Michael Smith Laboratories


The Michael Smith Laboratories is a multidisciplinary group of investigators who develop and apply high-throughput methods in a variety of biological systems.

External Partner Labs and Research Centers


Green Processes Research Center

Lakehead University, Thunder Bay

The Green Process Research Center (GPRC) is a hub for local and international researchers working on cutting-edge green technologies that will develop new products with the aim at transforming chemical industries to adopt new sustainable processes with green products that will protect the environment.


Toronto Institute of Advanced Manufacturing

University of Toronto

Composed by 42 faculty members across 6 engineering departments and other faculties, including arts and science, medicine and dentistry


Northern Analytical Laboratory Services

University of Northern British Columbia, Prince George

Provides research and analytical testing services for material and environmental samples to the UNBC and Northern BC communities and beyond