Polymer and Natural Materials and Manufacturing (PNMM) Cluster

The polymer and natural materials and manufacturing (PNMM) cluster primarily conducts research in the following areas: polymer processing, nanomechanics and nanochemistry, organometallic polymer catalysts, atomistic modeling of material properties, nanocrystalline cellulose and controlled radical polymerization, biocomposites and recycling.

Studying radical systems through computational chemistry techniques (courtesy of Dr. Gino DiLabio).

Biodeterioration study of a natural fiber mat
(courtesy of Dr. John Klironomos).

Cluster Leads

Dr. Parisa Mehrkhodavandi
Department of Chemistry
Vancouver Campus

Dr. Robert Godin
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry
Okanagan Campus

Cluster News

Smart windows can significantly reduce indoor pathogens

Jan 19, 2022

Daylight passing through smart windows results in almost complete disinfection of surfaces within 24 hours.

Interview-Keeping up with the charge to develop better batteries

Mar 16, 2021

UBCO professor works to create safe, energy-dense, renewable batteries.

UBCO teams with industry to develop next-generation battery

Aug 21, 2019

Fenix Advanced Materials spearheads high-tech research collaboration.

Colour from colourless droplets

Mar 04, 2019

A News and Views piece in Nature by Dr. Kenneth Chau, School of Engineering, describing an exciting breakthrough in colouration.

UBC Okanagan researchers shine a light on 150-year old mystery

Aug 24, 2018

The exact nature of how light interacts with matter has remained a mystery for close to 150 years. New research from UBC’s Okanagan campus may have uncovered the keys to one of the darkest secrets of light.

Bacteria-powered solar cell converts light to energy, even under overcast skies

Jul 05, 2018

UBC researchers have found a cheap, sustainable way to build a solar cell using bacteria that convert light to energy.