Building and Construction Materials and Manufacturing (BCMM) Cluster

The building and construction materials and manufacturing (BCMM) pillar primarily conducts research in the following areas: cement, concrete, timber, FRP structures, engineered cementitious composites, green roof design and manufacturing, life-cycle analysis and geotextiles.

Four-point bending test on a glued laminated timber
(courtesy of Dr. Shahria Alam).


Dr. Joe Dahmen
Associate Professor
School of Architecture
Vancouver Campus

Dr. Shahria Alam
School of Engineering
Okanagan Campus

Cluster News

UBC study finds health isn’t the only issue with bacteria growth

Sep 28, 2019

Microorganisms growing inside aging buildings and infrastructure are more than just a health issue.

UBC engineers create ways to keep stone waste out of landfills

Using polymers and natural stone slurry waste, researchers are manufacturing eco-friendly stone composites.

Results indicate home of tomorrow is more efficient and costs less

Apr 26, 2018

The Wilden Living Lab was developed to create a model for overall energy consumption, energy prediction systems, cost-benefit analysis and optimization of materials and systems for long-term financial savings.

New research modernizes rammed earth construction

Apr 23, 2018

A building method as old as dirt is being re-examined as a ‘new’ and viable modern construction material.

Smart-bridge technology could lead to cheaper and safer infrastructure

Mar 12, 2018

Researchers at UBC Okanagan have determined that smart memory alloys are a safer and more cost-effective alternative to steel reinforced concrete bridges in earthquake-prone areas like the BC lower mainland.