Biomedical and Biological Materials and Manufacturing (BBMM) Cluster

The biomedical and biological materials and manufacturing (BBMM) pillar primarily conducts research in the following areas: cardiovascular engineering and biotechnology, design and manufacturing of the next generation of prosthetic heart valves and other medical devices, hemodynamics and computational fluid dynamics, surgical simulation and bio-robotics/Bio MEMs/NEMs.

An ear sample printed by the gelatin-based hydrogel using a stereolithography 3D bioprinting system (courtesy of Dr. Keekyoung Kim).

Mechanics of Atherosclerosis (courtesy of Dr. Hadi Mohammadi).


Dr. York N. Hsiang
Department of Surgery
Vancouver Campus

Dr. Hadi Mohammadi
Assistant Professor
School of Engineering
Okanagan Campus

Cluster News

UBC Okanagan researches health benefits of levitating blood

March 25, 2020

Floating human plasma helps researchers detect diseases like opioid addiction.

New device encases delicate cells into protective microgels

May 8, 2019

A new study from researchers at UBC Okanagan takes a big step towards making a device that can encapsulate cells much faster, cheaper and more effective.

‘Seeing the light’ behind radiation therapy

Researchers have developed a system they say may improve the ability to maximize radiation doses to cancer tissues while minimizing exposure to healthy ones.

New heart valve aimed at high-risk patients

April 1, 2019

Researchers at UBC have created the first-ever nanocomposite biomaterial heart-valve developed to reduce or eliminate complications related to heart transplants.